Men’s Running Pants: A Matter of Degrees

A good pair of running pants is a must for cold-weather running and for pre-race warmups and cooldowns, and the days when men’s running pants were just gray cotton sweatpants are over. Today’s men’s running pants feature moisture-wicking material for warmth, and breathable, water-resistant coatings for dryness.

Generally speaking, follow the 20-degree rule when deciding what to wear on your lower half. If the temperature is 20 degrees, it will feel like 40 degrees once you start running. If you feel a bit chilly for the first mile or two, you’re probably dressed right.

Keep these guidelines in mind when buying mens running pants:

  • For temperatures in the 20s and 30s: Standard Lycra tights or lightweight running pants should suffice.
  • For temperatures in the teens and single digits: Consider wearing running pants with a fleecy lining for warmth, or layering a pair of shorts over your running pants.
  • Lower than single digits: That’s cold! If you’re running in extremely cold temperatures, wear a base layer of Lycra running tights or special base layer gear such as Hot Chillys. Then, add a pair of Gore-Tex pants (especially if it’s windy or snowy) or another layer of running tights.

For expert advice on the right mens running pants, visit your local Sun & Ski Sports store.

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