Let Your Snowboard Travel In Style

Even if you are only traveling to the slopes by car, quality travel snowboard bags are a good investment. When choosing a travel snowboard bag, visit one of our shops and look for some of these key features:

-Padding: Make sure your bag is well-padded, especially if you are checking it at an airport, where it will get tossed around from the moment you hand it over until you retrieve it at the baggage claim.

-Durability: As with your snowboard boot bags, choose durable polyester snowboard bags with reinforced edges. Or for maximum durability, you can buy a hard-sided case to transport your snowboard to the slopes.

-Size: Are you hauling one board, or several? If you can’t get by without your full quiver of snowboards, bags such as the Burton Wheelie Gig bag will hold several boards, more if you remove the bindings.

-Extra pockets: Extra pockets are key for efficient packing. Look for travel snowboard bags with outside zipper pockets for accessories such as gloves and goggles, and for snowboard tools.

-Straps. If you want something lighter than a wheelie bag, seek out travel snowboard bags with shoulder straps as well as handles to maximize your carrying options.

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