Layer Up For Spectacular Snowboarding

When you’re gearing up for the next snowboarding season, it’s a good idea to revisit your clothes as well as your equipment. Why? Because it’s much less fun to carve your way down your favorite mountain when you feel clammy and uncomfortable. So, when you’re choosing the best snowboard boots and snowboard goggles, take some time to remember these rules of layering:

-Embrace your base. Your base layer of snowboarding clothing should be a set of long underwear (top and bottom) made of polyester or polypropylene, or some other moisture-wicking performance material.

-Middle layer matters. Your second layer may be sufficient for your top half if it’s not that cold, so choose wisely. Look for a fleece jacket (or vest, if you prefer) made of Polartec or something similar.

-Top it off. Your outer layer of jacket and snowpants should be wind- and water-resistant, with some breathability. Good quality outerwear made of GoreTex or a similar material will serve you well for many seasons.

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