Know The Flow: Tips On Flow-In Bindings

Can’t decide whether you like strap-in or step-in bindings better? The flow-in style of snowboard bindings combines the best of both worlds—the simplicity of step-in bindings and the precision of strap bindings. Some of the reasons to give flow-in bindings a try:

-Flexibility: The flow-in bindings allow you to wear soft boots.

-Ease: To get in and out of flow-in bindings, just flip back the highback and slide your foot in our out.

-Control: Flow-in bindings resemble strap bindings in that there’s something across the top of your foot. But instead of a strap, flow-in bindings feature a large tongue that covers most, but not all, of the top of your boot.
Caveat: You can’t adjust a flow-in binding as precisely as a strap binding. But flow-in bindings are becoming more popular with many boarders of all disciplines.

No matter which type you buy, remember to select the right snowboard bindings size to get the most from your ride. Visit one of our shops for sound advice on choosing the right bindings.

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