Keep Your Biking Shoes at Their Best

Be good to your biking shoes, and they will be good to you. Whether you have a toe-clip system or a clipless pedal system, be sure to use a waterproof conditioner on your shoes before you hit the road. You can buy conditioners that rub on or spray on—either one will get the job done.

Different types of biking shoes call for slightly different maintenance:

  • Clipless: Clipless pedals are likely to need more lubricant than toe clips, and it’s important to wash dirt out of your cleats after a muddy ride.
  • Toe clips: Once you’ve waterproofed your biking shoes, toe clips shouldn’t require much more than a bit of lubricant at the point where the pedal meets the crank.

If you want biking shoes that will work both on and off the road, check out the Sidi Zeta Mesh Men’s road cycling shoes, which are compatible with cleats for road biking and for that killer spin class.

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