Instant Wayne & Anna Updates/ Fox 26 News Appearance!!

Well, Anna and I have done just about everything we can to train for the MS 150.  It’s only 4 days away!  I did some research on weather conditions, and it looks like a 40 percent chance of rain on day 1!  Weathermen are never right, but I still wanted to know what “percent chance” means.  As it turns out, it literally means that, at some point in the day, 40% of the area will experience precipitation.  I just think that’s dumb.  It’s like me saying there’s a 30% chance someone is going to drive on I-10 today, knowing that about a third of Houston drives on that road.

Ok, enough tangents already…. over the coming few days, as well as the ride itself, Anna and I will post updates to what we are doing, thinking, experiencing on our new twitter account!  You can follow us at  It sure will be fun, as I have never accessed Twitter before in my life!  I suppose it’s appropriate, as I guess the Cycling Slimdown personifies the twittification of cycling’s future.  By the way, “twittification” is a made-up word.  My friend Gary believes we’ve gone way too far in making up twitter-ish words like “Tweet”, “Twitterific”, etc.  But my whole thing is why not make up words, right?  It actually makes you sound intelligent when some people think they know the word, give a puzzled face, and pretend that they have always known that word.

Oh, before I forget, don’t forget to watch Fox 26 News between 8am-8:30 tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15th, TAX DAY! Though Anna and I won’t be giving important tax tips, we WILL be discussing the MS 150 and our Cycling Slimdown Program!

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