Hydration Gear for Water on the Go

If you are running for more than an hour, it’s important to have some water or a sports drink, even during the winter. A hydration belt is the easiest way for runners to take their water with them, and there are several options for hydration belts. Keep these points in mind when choosing yours:

  • Single bottle: A single bottle belt, such as the Nathan Triangle Waist Hydration Pack, features an angled design that makes it easy to pull out the bottle and take a drink without breaking your stride. The belt is designed so the bottle is centered on the lower back for maximum comfort.
  • Multi-bottle: Some runners prefer a hydration pack that holds several small bottles instead of one large one. This style of belt, such as the Fuel Belt Endurance 4-Bottle Hydration Belt, distributes the weight of your water or sports drink more evenly, and some runners find it less distracting than the sloshing or large amounts of water in a larger single bottle.

Visit a Sun and Ski Sports store near you to try on the different types of hydration belts and find the best style for your fitness running needs.

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