How To Treat Your Feet After Skiing

After a long day on the slopes, treat your feet to some apres boots. Your apres-ski look can be both stylish and comfortable, and you can choose from a variety of boots.

Choose from classic styles such as UGGs, which wick moisture away from your feet and keep them comfortable whether you are inside or outside. Or for something a little showier, try the Spyder women’s topaz suede apres boots. And if you are walking to your favorite apres-ski spots, consider apres boots with some traction.

Also make sure you have comfortable socks to go with your apres ski boots—your feet will thank you. Some people go out for apres ski while wearing their ski gear, but that can get hot and uncomfortable quickly. Instead, dress for apres-ski outings similar to how you would dress for a winter evening out at home, but add a few pieces from your winter wardrobe such as a stylish scarf, and colorful earmuffs, hats, or gloves.

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