How to Select the Right Men’s Running Shorts

Whether you prefer a longer, baggy style of mens running shorts or a shorter, half-split style, you can find the right running shorts that will help keep you feeling comfortable and looking good. Some useful features to consider when you buy men’s running shorts include:

  • Liners: Men’s running shorts with a built-in mesh insert help keep you cool on hot-weather runs.
  • Compression panels: Some longer, biker-style men’s running shorts feature built-in compression panels designed to promote better circulation and muscle response.
  • Pockets: Pockets are always useful in men’s running shorts. If you want to keep keys in your pockets, be sure they’re secure with a zipper or Velcro closure.

In addition, make sure your mens running shorts are made of moisture-wicking material to help keep you dry and to help prevent chafing. Concerned about odor? Some men’s running shorts are embedded with antimicrobial fibers to keep the sweaty smells at bay.

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