How to Keep Your Hands Warm During Winter Sports

You might spend plenty of time checking out the latest styles of skiing clothes, snow jackets, and skiing pants, but be sure you don’t forget about your hands. Frosty fingers can detract from a great day of skiing or snowboarding, so keep these tips in mind for warm and happy hands:

  • Consider mittens. Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves because your fingers are kept together. If you prefer more finger flexibility, look for gloves with a fold-over mitten top. When choosing mittens for snowboarding or skiing, look for gripping material on the palm or fingers for a steadier grip on your snowboard or ski pole. Gordini RM-1 performance mittens are available in both men’s and women’s sizes and feature a waterproof shell, fleece lining, and cinch closure to keep out wind and snow.
  • Look for handwarmer pockets. Handwarmer pockets can be invaluable and provide that extra bit of warmth when you need it while you’re waiting your turn for the ski lift. Many brands of snowboarding and skiing clothes, including North Face Winter Jackets and Burton jackets, have handwarmer pockets located on the torso.

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