How To Choose Your Next Cycling Shoes

Like any sports shoes, cycling shoes should be tried on to ensure the correct fit. Visit one of our Sun & Ski Sports shops to try several styles and take advantage of our expert advice.

Some points to keep in mind when choosing your shoes:

-To cleat or not to cleat. Some types of bike shoes come with cleats. With other models, such as the Pearl Izumi Women’s Quest mountain bike cycling shoes, you have the option to add cleats if you want them, but they aren’t included with the shoes.

-Get closure: Most of the top brands of cycling shoes have Velcro closures for maximum comfort and a secure fit. But some cycling shoe models take it to the next level, with a rachet closure on the top strap for extra security. If you are getting into triathlons, consider the Shimano SH-TR30 as an introductory triathlon shoe—it has a single reverse strap closer to speed your transitions.

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