The most important thing you can do for yourself when buying a wakeboard is to buy the right size.  Not having the right size board can totally mess with your ride.  The right board = more fun!  Remember that!!


From brand to brand there are different thoughts on how to choose the right board but there is a general rule of thumb to stick with.


The heavier you are, the larger your board should be.  Simple.  The same goes for a smaller rider.  Smaller board is better.



Rider weight                        Wake Board Size

< 100 pounds < 130 centimeters
90 to 150 pounds 130 to 134 centimeters
130 to 180 pounds 135 to 139 centimeters


As you can see, some of the rider weights overlap.  Depending on your skill level you might want to go with a smaller, more maneuverable board…

A shorter board tends to be slower due to less surface area but this makes it easier to pull off those sick tricks!

Longer boards are better suited for beginners, as they are more stable and easier to get up on.


Remember, if you have questions or need more detailed guidance on different types of boards or different brands, you friends at your local Sun & Ski are the right folks to ask.

Stop in and see us and we’ll get you in the right gear!!!

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