Go Gaga For Goggles

The right ski goggles for you are the ones that combine comfort with clear vision. If you are lucky enough not to need glasses or contact lenses for skiing, standard ski goggles will probably suit you fine. But even if you wear contact lenses, consider an over-the-glasses model, so you are covered in case something happens to your contacts or your eyes and you find that you need to wear your glasses while skiing.

Whether you chose a regular or OTG model, be sure that the goggles fit properly over your helmet. When shopping for ski goggles, bring your helmet with you and try the goggles and helmet on together. That way you can avoid any surprising slippage (of your goggles, at least) when you’re on the slopes.
You can read up on ski goggles rates and reviews to get a sense of the latest styles and options. But remember that just because one type of ski goggles works great for your best friend doesn’t mean that it’s the best type for you. Ideally, try on a pair of ski goggles and step outside, so you can check your vision in natural light. And try a few different tints to see which works best for you.

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