Go Beyond Boots With Custom Footbeds

The right snowboard boots are essential to help you get your best rides, but you might also consider an orthotic insert, also known as a custom footbed, for an even better fit. The benefits of these inserts include:

-Better biomechanics. If you have an orthotic or insert to make sure your feet are properly aligned, you’ll set yourself up for better alignment all the way up through the kinetic chain of your legs, hips, and spine. The better your alignment, the better your balance, and you may reduce your risk of injury.

-Better boot fit. An orthotic device will help keep your feet from flattening out inside your boots, so they will fit more snugly.

-Better feel. Your feet will feel better while snowboarding if they are well supported.

If you don’t want to spend the money on customized orthotics, you can buy generic trim-to-fit inserts for about $25-$50. You can get customized footbeds at Sun & Ski Sports shops. But if you have more serious foot issues, such as pronation, or if you have a history of foot or knee injuries, talk to a podiatrist about sport orthotics to make sure your problems are addressed. And bring the inserts with you when you try on new snowboard boots.

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