Getting Outfitted for a New Bike

Buying a new bicycle can be an overwhelming experience with all the choices available today. This is where the knowledgeable Staff at Sun and Ski Sports can advise toward purchasing the right bike by asking the right questions. They are a full service bike shop carrying leading brands of bikes and accessories, providing professional bike fitting, and servicing all brands of bicycles. Sun and Ski Sports makes the bike buying experience easy with their “Cyclist’s Checklist” to prepare you for a safe and comfortable ride.

Sun and Ski Sports has a dedicated “Fit Center” where the Fit Specialist checks saddle height, knee/pedal relationship, and handlebar reach. For the new cyclist, this is also an opportunity to learn how to use the bike’s gears and clip-less pedals. Bicycle fit is the most important part of purchasing a new bike. This will ensure that you are comfortable, develop your leg muscles properly, and take care of your knee and hip joints.

Popular types of bikes that are available today
Road Bike: The choice for long distance riding, racing, bike club riding, triathlons, fundraiser rides, and organized rides. They are lightweight, have narrow high pressure tires, and have drop handlebars to get aero dynamic.

Hybrid Bike: Similar to a road bike; the difference is an upright more comfortable position. The tire is wider for bike path, commuting, and city streets. This type of bike would work for all the road type rides (over 10 miles), but not as efficient because of weight, wind drag, and rolling resistance.

Comfort Bike: For the casual rider not interested in speed and distance (10 miles or less). This type of bike is designed for comfort with adjustable upright positioning, front suspension forks, suspension seat posts, and wider tires. The perfect bike for bike path, neighborhood, vacation house, and hard pack gravel road or trail.

Mountain Bike: The best choice for getting out in the woods and riding on the dirt trails. This is the most versatile bike on the market; you can ride on the street, dirt, and bike path. Mountain Bikes have front suspension and knobby tires for grip in the dirt (Not recommended for distance road riding).

Once the right bike and size has been selected, there are accessories that will make the riding experience safe, comfortable, and prepared for the beginner. This is where the Sun and Ski Sports Cyclist’s Checklist comes in. The Staff will walk through the list and get the beginner cyclist outfitted. The first and most important accessory is a helmet! Cycling apparel is designed to wick perspiration away from the skin to keep the cyclist dry. When the weather turns cold and wet, there is apparel for the elements. Cycling shoes and clip less pedals will enhance performance on the bike.

A bicycle is a mechanical machine that requires maintenance. Sun and Ski Sports takes care of all the new
bike break-in with their Lifetime Inspections and Adjustments. Tune-ups and repairs should be done at the bike shop, but you will want to have some tools at home and on the bike. Take advantage of Sun and Ski Sports Basic Repair Classes (these classes are free); call the store nearest you for a schedule.

Sun and Ski Sports offers Lifetime Flat Insurance, for a one time $20.00 fee, the original owner gets flats fixed for the life of their bike. Bike or wheel needs to be present. A floor pump with a gauge is needed for high pressure tires and home use. These tires need to be checked and aired up before every ride.

A saddle bag fits under your seat and allows you to carry spare tubes, travel tools, tire levers, and Co2 adapter/cartridges. Co2 is used as instant air for repairing a flat tire on a ride. As you can see, there are many accessories in addition to the bike itself. They are all worth the investment to make cycling more enjoyable. The sport of cycling is great way to enjoy the outdoors, meet new friends, and get into shape!

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