Get Your Outdoor Fitness Accessories Moving

If you have a station wagon, minivan, or SUV and are seeking a car rack for your cycling and other outdoor sports gear for the whole family, a Yakima car rack might be the right choice. For example, the Yakima Load Warrior features a universal mounting system that can accommodate many types of crossbars and mounts for bikes, skis, and boats.

Cargo Boxes Hold It All
If you have a lot of miscellaneous equipment that you need to keep out of your car’s passenger space, a rooftop cargo box might be the right call. If you use a bike hitch rack for bikes, a rooftop cargo box can hold everything from helmets and tire pumps to paddles and snowboards. Be sure to check how a cargo box might fit on your car—the hatch-back on certain types of SUVs might bump into a cargo box when opened. Disadvantages of a hard-sided cargo box include wind resistance and noise, but the ability to free up the car’s interior, especially if you’re accommodating children’s car seats, is a big plus. Alternative car racks include cargo baskets and soft-sided cargo racks that attach to the roof.

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