Get the Right Size When Shopping for Kids Ski Gear

Skis for kids don’t have to be expensive, but they do have to be the right size. Unlike some types of clothes, which can be a bit big with the idea that your child will “grow into them,” kids ski gear should be the correct fit for the child’s current size.

Keep these sizing guidelines in mind for kids ski gear:

  • Comfortable, but not binding or baggy. Kids ski gear should be loose enough to allow for range of motion, but not so big that excess material gets in the way.
  • Chin up. For children aged 6 years and under, a good rule of thumb is that the ski tips should reach their chins.
  • About face. For children aged 6 to 12 years, the ski tips should reach approximately to the middle of the face.

Many ski manufacturers make excellent children’s skis. In particular, K2 skis make several models for children. Shorter skis are a good choice for beginners and a good way to build children’s confidence on skis. Children’s skill levels vary, and more experienced young skiers might want to use a slightly longer ski.

To try on a variety of skis and kids ski gear, visit a Sun & Ski Sports shop in your area.

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