Get the Most Mileage from Your Bike Helmet

Bike helmets are more than just a good idea—they’re required in many states. You can choose from road cycling helmets, mountain bike helmets, or touring/sport helmets, each of which has pros and cons:

  • Mountain bike helmets: Mountain bike helmets are the most expensive, but they provide the highest level of protection, in case you should wipe out on a rocky trail. Most mountain bike helmets provide a greater degree of protection in the back of the head, and they often come with visors.
  • Road bike helmets: Road bike helmets are designed for maximum aerodynamics.
  • Sport helmets: Sport helmets are significantly less expensive than other types of helmets, and they can be used interchangeably for cycling, snowboarding, or skiing.

Any bike helmet can be worn for any type of cycling. If you have a road bike helmet, you can wear it for mountain biking, and vice versa. The Giro Pneumo helmet falls into the road bike category, but its durability and light weight make it an ideal choice for most cycling conditions. Special features of the Giro Pneumo helmet include:

  • Inside: Full internal reinforcement with “super fit” engineering.
  • Outside: An aerodynamic shape with wind-tunnel style ventilation.

For expert bike helmet advice and a wide range of styles, visit your local Sun & Ski Sports shop.

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