Get The Best Boot And Binding Combo

The purpose of snowboard bindings is to transfer energy from your body to your board as efficiently as possible. Not every boot works with every type of snowboard bindings, so it’s a good idea to buy your boots before buying your bindings. When you are looking for the right boot and binding combination, you have several options:

-Soft boots with strap on/flow-in bindings: Any soft boots work with these snowboard bindings, and this combination offers maximum maneuverability that makes it a popular choice for freestyle snowboarding.

-Hard boots with plate/lever bindings: This boot and binding combination offers the most control, which makes it a popular choice for freestyle carvers and any boarders doing high-speed turns.

-Soft or hard Step-in boots with step-in bindings: Step-in bindings require step-in boots. Although step-in systems make it quick and easy to hop on an off your board, you have fewer choices, and the step-in systems on the boots and bindings need to match.

Visit one of our ski shops for advice on choosing the right boot and binding combinations for your winter sports needs.

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