Get The Best Advice On Kid-Sized Helmets

A well-fitted bike helmet is your kid’s best friend when he or she gets that first bike. To be sure that you have bike helmets that fit your kids correctly, visit one of our Sun & Ski Sports shops for expert guidance and a variety of helmet styles.

Some tips to keep in mind include:

-Fit: Helmets should not sit on an angle at the back of the head. And a child’s helmet, just like an adult’s, should fit snugly. If a helmet is too small, a larger helmet can be adjusted to fit using fit pads.

-Style: At the end of the day, the best bike helmet is the one that your child will wear, so bring kids along to choose the helmets they like.
Re-assess your child’s bike helmet once a year. Replace the helmet if:

-It is too small.
-It has been in an accident.
-It has any straps or buckles that aren’t working.

Are you bringing your youngster along for the ride on your bike? Don’t forget an infant-sized helmet, such as the Giro Me2 infant bike helmet.

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