Get Good Deals on Running Shoes

Even if running isn’t your primary, year-round sport, it’s important to replace your shoes when they wear out; otherwise, you may increase your risk for injury. Don’t let cost stop you from replacing your shoes when you have approximately 300 to 500 miles on them. Keep these tips in mind to get your money’s worth when you buy running shoes:

  • Shop seasonally: The change of seasons can be a great time to buy clearance running shoes, as many companies discount the previous season’s colors and styles to make room for new models.
  • Buy in bulk: If you have a style of running shoe that you love, stock up on your favorite clearance running shoes and you’ll save money and the effort of looking for your style when it goes out of stock.
  • Track your mileage: When you start wearing a new pair of running shoes, write the date on the bottom. Figure out approximately how many miles you run per week or per month to get an idea of when you might need to replace your shoes. Look for clearance running shoes a few months in advance, and you’ll have your next pair ready when you need them. If you run often, buy running shoes in twos and alternate pairs so one pair can dry out while you’re wearing the other.

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