Get Ahead With Your Next Snowboard Helmet

The right snowboard helmet is more than a piece of snowboard safety gear—it’s an asset to your comfort and performance. When choosing from among the many types of snowboard helmets, keep a few points in mind and you’ll find something that looks as good as it works.

-Fit. It almost goes without saying, but your helmet won’t protect you if it doesn’t stay on your head. Try on several snowboard helmets to find the one that fits snugly, but not uncomfortably. Gals, check out specialty women’s helmets, such as the Giro Women’s Prima, for the best fit.

-Visibility. Try on your snowboard goggles with your helmet to make sure they fit well together, and that the helmet isn’t blocking your vision.

-Ventilation. A sweaty head doesn’t make for a cool ride. Check out the ventilation in different snowboard helmets to find the breathability you need based on your preferences and your usual riding conditions.

-Special features. If you don’t want to hit the mountain without music, several snowboard helmets, such as the Giro Omen Wireless Audio helmet, feature modular speaker pods that clip into the helmet’s earpads.

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