Flat-Footed Runners: Make Motion Control a High Priority

If you have flat feet with low arches, your feet probably tend to roll to the inside, or overpronate, when you run. How can you determine your foot shape? If your wet footprint on the floor shows almost the entire bottom of your foot, you have flat feet.

The best women’s running shoes and the best men’s running shoes for flat feet and low arches are those that provide motion control and stability.

Men: Men with low arches and a small- to medium-build may be comfortable in Mizuno running shoes, such as the Mizuno Wave Alchemy. Larger men may prefer a shoe such as the Brooks Beast, which offers a combination of motion control and cushioning for extra comfort.

Women: Women with low arches may find the right fit with the women’s version of the Mizuno Wave Alchemy. But Asics running shoes offer another option with the cushioned, yet stable Asics Gel 3000.

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