Find Your Perfect Ski Match

Finding the perfect snow skis is a bit like finding the perfect job. You want to consider your goals, your ability, and your preference for location. Shopping for skis can seem like work, given the hundreds of models that are available each season. But keep these points in mind when you buy skis to streamline the shopping process and get you to the slopes faster:

-Match the ski to the snow. If you do your skiing in the Western U.S. or overseas, fat skis meant for lots of powder are the way to go. If you ski mostly in the Eastern U.S., choose the skis meant for groomed trails and packed powder.

-Read reviews. Look for ski magazines that have certified instructors rating the latest skis to learn about the latest advances in design and material.

-Play the field. Make a list of possible skis you’d like to try, and try a few. If possible, ask advice from a local Sun & Ski shop staffer. He or she may have extra insight about which snow skis are best for the local conditions.

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