Enjoy Spring Skiing

You can enjoy winter sports into the early spring if you have the right gear and accessories. Some useful items for spring skiing include:

-Sunblock. You should wear sunblock on your face for winter skiing, too, but the brighter spring sun is more likely to burn your nose, your lips, and the skin around your eyes. Look for sweat-resistant sunblocks in stick form that you can tuck into a jacket pocket for easy reapplication.

-Glove and boot dryers. Spring skiing can be a wetter experience than winter skiing. You may not need foot warmers, but consider using glove and boot dryers after an early spring day of skiing or snowboarding.

-Lighter layers. For early spring skiing, you can leave your heavy ski jacket at home and pack a lighter weight jacket or a fleece. Vests are also great options for spring skiing or snowboarding. To keep your ears warm, a moisture-wicking earband can be a great alternative to a hat.

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