Don’t Forget Your Cycling Fuel

When you’re ready to buy men’s clothing for cycling, don’t forget about what’s going to fuel you through the long rides. Buy men’s clothing or buy women’s clothing for cycling that has well-placed pockets to hold energy gels, energy bars, or other types of sustenance.

The Importance of Being Hydrated
Staying well hydrated is essential during endurance exercise, even when you feel cooled off after a downhill stretch. Make sure your cycling clothes are moisture-wicking so you won’t feel clammy once you’ve worked up a sweat. Also, be sure that you have a water bottle that fits securely to your bike, or a hydration pack to wear on your back.

Proper hydration can help your performance whether you’re training or racing, especially in hot weather. Both the mounted water bottle and the hydration pack will help you stay hydrated, and both have their pros and cons, including:

  • Water bottle: For shorter rides, many cyclists would rather avoid the additional wind resistance that can be created by a hydration pack.
  • Hydration pack: For longer rides, many cyclists find that the convenience of a hydration pack is worth the effort of wearing it. There’s no need to fumble for a water bottle, so you’re more likely to drink more often.

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