Cycling Jacket Considerations

Sport jackets are the first line of defense between you and the elements when you’re cycling. The right sports jacket will protect you against the wind, rain, and even sleet or snow without letting you overheat.

Considerations when shopping for a sports jacket for cycling include:

  • Size: Make sure your sport jacket is the right size. Sometimes women find that when they buy women’s clothing, the sleeves are too short. If that sounds like you, buy men’s clothing when you shop for a cycling jacket. Often, a men’s small jacket is the perfect fit for women with long torsos and long arms.
  • Style: There’s something to be said for showing a little style in your cycling sport jacket, and there are many options.
  • Special features: Other cycling sport jacket features to consider include the number and location of pockets, half-zip or full-zip design, adjustable wrist closures to keep out wind and water, and breathable material and vents to prevent overheating.

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