Cycling Clothes for Winter

We all think springtime is the right time to hit the bike.  If you are prepared, cycling during the winter can be just as much fun.  What are some good ways to make the most out of riding during the winter?

The Canari Men’s Eclipse Cycling Jacket is perfect for the winter.  It’s bright so you are more visible during winter’s short days and converts to a vest when you get hot.

Canari leg warmers and arm warmers can do wonders when you hit the road or trail.  They offer warmth and the moisture wicking you need to be comfortable while you ride.

The extremities are the first to get cold.  Sugoi makes a great toe cover so you can cover your toe vents and not worry about having cold feet.

Just like in any other cold winter activity, it never hurts to wear a good base layer either.  If you have any questions about our gear, feel free to give us a call at 866-786-3869.

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