Choose Cold Weather Cycling Gear Wisely

When biking outdoors in cold weather, you’re generating less heat. But even experienced cyclists can be tempted to pile on the layers to avoid being too cold when they ride in the fall and winter. Comfortable cold-weather cycling clothing walks the line between breathability and wind resistance. If your jacket is too breathable, all the wind will pass right through it and you may feel too cold. But if you are too insulated, you’ll start sweating, and then you’ll be both damp and chilly! Not a recipe for a fun day out.

For cold weather cycling, try a jacket that has more wind resistance, such as Gore-Tex. But look for features such as underarm vents that can be opened as needed, and sleeves that are easy to push up.

Other useful items of cold weather cycling gear include full-fingered bike gloves with linings, cycling jerseys with high necks and half-zips for easy ventilation, and fleece vests to provide extra warmth without adding bulk.

Need more advice about dressing in layers? Visit one of our Sun & Ski Sports shops for guidance and a wide selection of cycling gear for all seasons.

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