Child Carrier Safety Tips

So, now that you’ve chosen a backpack-style child carrier like the Pathfinder child carrier, how do you use it? Lifting a backpack-style child carrier with a child in it is a multi-step process: Lift up the carrier by the top handles, slide the shoulder straps over your shoulders, and buckle the waist belt. Tighten the shoulder straps and waist belt as needed for a secure, yet comfortable fit.

When removing the child carrier from your back, start by loosening the shoulder straps. Then unbuckle the waist belt, reach your arm behind your head to grab the top handles and rotate the child carrier around to the front. Hold the top handles as you slide your shoulders out of the shoulder straps and set the carrier on the ground.

Some child carriers include special features such as detachable day packs, gear storage areas, and removable rain or sun hoods and bug netting.

To check out and try on a variety of child carriers, visit your local Sun & Ski Sports store.

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