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Ride Your Bike to Free Coworking at Conjunctured in Austin

Yet another silly video from the Sun and Ski vault. It’s a promotion for our “Bike to Coworking Day” in Austin at the Conjunctured Coworking Space on October 23rd. Don’t know what coworking is? No worries, watch the video. Follow us on Twitter to catch these videos and win some great prizes!

My Experience with the Gore-Tex Mobile Weather Station

Getting hit by a massive storm is not fun. Fortunately through the marvels of modern science, we have Gore-Tex, a fabric that keeps the elements out but allows our perspiration to evaporate out. To demonstrate the effectiveness of Gore-Tex, I met with Jody, a representative at the Gore-Tex Mobile Weather Station. Check it out:

Please visit to check out Gore-Tex jackets, pants, and shoes to keep you dry.

Get Pummeled by a Storm and Still Stay Dry at the Gore-Tex Mobile Weather Station

For some storms, an umbrella or a wool coat just won’t cut it when it comes to keeping you dry.  For these types of storms, there is Gore-Tex.

Gore-Tex is a weather-proof, microporous fabric that comes with a “Keep You Dry Promise”.  Each microscopic pore is 20,000 times smaller than a bead of water.  This allows perspiration to evaporate out but does not allow moisture to get in.  Since Gore-Tex is also wind-proof, you can stay warm and dry through extreme conditions.

Gore-Tex is so sure you will stay dry in their clothing, they’ve decided to bring the storm to you.  The Gore-Tex Mobile Weather Station features the “Extreme Weather Chamber”, which produces rainfall up to 22 inches per hour and creates whipping winds up to speeds of 32 miles per hour.  Watch (or experience) Gore-Tex take a pounding without letting any water soak through.  Here are the details for the Mobile Weather Station’s visit to our Austin, Texas store:

What: The Gore-Tex Mobile Weather Station
When: September 25 from 11 AM-6 PM
Where: 2438 W Anderson Lane
Austin, TX

GORE has partnered with an important international charity, Soles4Souls, to ensure those in need have the most basic protection – a pair of shoes. We encourage you to donate a pair of new or gently used shoes when you come to experience the GORE Extreme Weather Chamber.

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