Carry Your Skis With Care: The Right Car Rack

Car racks are usually the most efficient way to get your ski gear to the slopes. But you have several options when buying car racks, so read on to learn about different types of car racks and choose one that works for your gear and your car.

-Roof racks. Most roof racks for skis are designed to fit a variety of cars. If your car has some sort of crossbar or rack already, the ski rack can connect to it. If you don’t have a roof rack, car racks for skis can be attached to your car’s roof using a combination of clamps and straps. Don’t ski that often? Or renting a car? Consider a magnetic roof rack.

-Trunk racks. Some car racks are designed to attach to the rear of your car, which is especially helpful if you have a hatchback or sedan.

-Enclosed roof boxes. This type of roof mounted ski rack protects your skis from the weather and it keeps them safer than an open roof rack.

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