Cambodia Trails – Running it in Houston – Memorial Park

Memorial Park – Cambodia Trails

Today we’ll be taking a look at the memorial park green trail, also known at the Cambodia trial. This trail is marked as an advanced trail due to the nature of the terrain. It is only 1.77 miles long, but requires intense concentration and a good pair of trail running shoes.

This trail is designed for mountain bikers, so please run with caution and always give the bikers the right of way. When you hear one coming, just step off to the side and wait tell they pass. I would highly recommend that you run this without earphones or music. The trail is very narrow, and if you’re not listening for bikers they’ll be on you before you have the chance to get out of the way.

The Cambodia trail has got to be one of my favorite runs. It keeps me on my toes with it’s terrain changing qualities, and helps me forget I’m in Houston.
Memorial Park has so much to offer to us that are here in Houston. You’ve got everything from soccer, baseball, tennis, football, rugby and volleyball courts, to a wonderful 3 mile easy trail, mountain biking trails, horseback riding trails, a fitness center and a swimming pool. You even have some very nice playgrounds for the kids and nice places to barbecue.

I rank trail into three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Beginner Trails are under a mile, usually only gravel, asphalt or concrete

Intermediate trails are over 1 mile in length, and under 3 miles. They consist of gravel, asphalt or concrete

Advanced trails are over 3 miles in length or are off road trails that are not paved, usually used by mountain bikers. The terrain of these trails requires intense concentration and a good pair of trail running shoes.

I give the Cambodia trails an advanced ranking. It can be treacherous if you are not careful. I’ve twisted my ankles more than three times already. It is difficult to see the roots and stumps sometimes and extreme caution is needed.

The danger aside, it is one of the funnest and most exciting runs in Houston. It’s like moving zen when you’re running through this trail. a total meditation.
The trail is marked along the way with green pylons and there are a few maps which were recently installed. As long as you stay on the trail, getting lost is hard. There are some trails with posted signs that say, no mountain bikers beyond this point. I would recommend to stay off those trails until you become very familiar with the park. I took one once and was lost for over an hour.

The trail consists of three different surfaces. You have some concrete stones, soft ground, hard rocky ground and spots with lots of roots.

This is an out and back trail, which means that, although the trail is only 1.77 miles long, you will have to run more to get back to your car. You can either run back the same way, adding another 1.77 miles to your run, or you can run back along Memorial Drive which will only add a .79 mile more to your run, for a total of 2.56 miles.
The trail is located next to Picnic Park LN. Which is a good spot to drop off your car, or you can opt for over 4 miles by parking where the tennis courts are and running around the 3 mile trail, adding in the Cambodia trail along the way. I’ll usually run it this way, adding in the purple trails as well.

It’s an adventure running through these trails. Join me on a peaceful, spirited run.

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  1. Hi Erik

    I am a big fun of the Cambodia and ho chi minh trail, I saw there are also 2 more trails infront of the Arboretum
    Do you have any information about those trail ?



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