Bring the Kids: How to Choose a Child Carrier

Active parents who want to take their kids along for the run or bike ride have an increasing array of options.
Some features to consider when choosing a child carrier include:

  • Number of kids. Do you want a single jogging stroller or bike trailer, or one with room for two?
  • Wheel type. Most running strollers and bike trailers have approximately 20-inch wheels. Thicker tires may provide additional stability and traction if you like dirt paths or trails.
  • Storage capacity. Some child carriers have more space than others for things like water bottles or diaper bags. If you want a child carrier that does double duty for workouts and longer outings, look for additional storage. If you want something for workouts only, a more streamlined model may be the better choice.
  • Dual function. Want to save space in your garage? A child carrier such as the Copilot Model A Trailer can convert from a bike trailer to a jogging stroller.

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