Boot-Fitting Basics

Ski boots that fit well and are suited for the type of skiing that you do will make the difference between a fun-filled and a blister-filled day on the slopes.

When you’re ready for new ski boots, visit one of our Sun & Ski Sports shops for expert advice and fitting assistance. Some points to remember as you check out the choices:

-Ability. As you improve, you can handle a stiffer boot that responds to your leg movements more efficiently than a softer boot.

-Alignment. If you have foot or leg issues, talk to a Sun & Ski Sports expert who can help you identify brands that meet your needs. An expert boot-fitter can help you find the ski boots that will address your bow legs, knock knees, or weak ankles so your boots do their job—transmitting directions from your legs to your skis.

-Adjustment. When trying on ski boots, wear the foot warmer socks or other special socks that you’ll wear for skiing. Adjust the straps or buckles, and stand up. You should have room to move your toes, but not so much space that your feet are sliding. Bend your knees. Does your heel stay put? If not, tighten the boot. If it doesn’t tighten enough to hold your heel in place, try a different model.

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