Bike Glove Love: Why Your Hands Will Thank You

Don’t underestimate the power of good bike gloves to make or break your long ride. If you’re waffling over whether to invest in a new pair of bike gloves as part of your cycling gear purchases this year, remember some of the reasons why you don’t like to bike without them:
-Skin protection: The constant pressure on your palms can lead to blisters and calluses, especially if you are cranking up the mileage to transition from an intermediate to an advanced cyclist. And if you wipe out during your ride, a good pair of gloves can keep your hands from getting shredded by gravel and grit.

-Grip enhancement: Gloves made of moisture-wicking material will keep your hands from getting slippery with sweat, and if you are a mountain biker, you’ll be grateful for the enhanced grip when you’re navigating a tough trail.

-Warmth: If you are a cold weather rider, full-fingered bike gloves are a must. You can buy cycling gloves with insulated linings, or buy separate glove liners to fit inside unlined gloves.

Different models of gloves provide features including gel pads for extra shock absorption and insulated linings for cold weather riding. Visit one of our Sun & Ski Sports shops to check out the different styles and find the one that suits your cycling needs.

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