Bicycling Shoe Basics

When shopping for bicycling shoes, consider your pedal system. Different systems have their pros and cons. If your bike has toe clips, almost any type of bicycling shoes will fit, but look for shoes with reinforced rubber on the toes for comfort and stability.

When choosing bicycling shoes, you might also be shopping for pedals. Many bikes are now sold without pedals so riders can customize their bicycling shoe and pedal setups. When trying on biking shoes, check the specifications carefully so you know your adapter options. Shimano cycling shoes, and other cycling shoes, are adaptable to a Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) system. Other factors to keep in mind include:

  • Three-hole pedal systems (SPD-R) call for special bicycling shoes.
  • Almost any SPD-compatible shoe can be used with Egg Beater pedals, because these pedals come with cleats to fit different types of shoes.

Visit one of our Sun & Ski Sports shops for expert advice and to try on different styles of bicycling shoes.

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