Bagging Your Boots

It’s important to have quality ski boot bags to protect your gear, whether you are traveling by car, plane, or other conveyance.
When shopping for ski boot bags, visit your one of our ski shops to check them out in person, and look for some of these features:

-Drainage. Some ski boot bags have grommet holes to drain the melting snow off your damp boots and out of your boot bag.

-Durability. For ski boot bags that will last more than one season, look for durable polyester, reinforced with piping along the seams. Handles with wrap-around Velcro add to durability, too.

-Compartmentalization. Some ski boot bags, such as the Dakine boot locker, feature a tarp-lined boot compartment that serves as a changing mat, and a separate section for your other accessories such as hats and goggles.

As for how you tote your boots, options include:

-Wheeled bags
-Duffel styles

Be sure that your ski boot bag is labeled with your name, address, and phone number. To make your boot bag even easier to spot in a crowd, add a key ring, ribbon, or button that you’ll recognize instantly.

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