Avoid Frosted Fingers This Ski Season

You don’t want to feel your hands going numb halfway through your day on the slopes, so it’s important to find the right gloves or mittens for your skiing or snowboarding adventures. Consider these features when you browse the glove and mitten selections for the next ski season:

-Warmth: If you’re outside in midwinter in Colorado, you’ll probably want a pair of the warmest gloves or mittens you can find. Goose down is a good choice, or look for insulated materials such as Thermacore.

-Water resistance: There’s nothing worse than wet gloves. If water resistance is important to you, read the labels. Some ski and snowboarding gloves and mittens are wind resistant, so they will protect your hands from chilly winds, but they are not necessarily water resistant, too.

-Weight: Those super-warm gloves that felt great in January may be too much in March. Consider a lighter weight glove with a fleecy lining for spring skiing.

In case your hands start to tingle during a long day on the slopes, it’s not a bad idea to have some hand warmers handy. Tuck them into a pocket in your ski jacket so they will be ready when you need them.

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