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I’m a native Houstonian and I attended Milby High School. I was a high school cheerleader but since then I have fallen out of an active life style. I consider myself a couch potato with a liking for the outdoors. (Usually watching it on TV) I’ve tried a variety of different activities from biking, hiking, kayak/coning, to just the casual stroll at the park. I also love traveling, anything from a trip to Paris, France or just for a weekend stay in Paris, Texas.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Great Raise Houston with my BFF Wayne. All through it was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve have ever had, Wayne and I understand the need to be in better health. I am very close to my family and I actively participate in my nephew’s lives. I also assist in the care of my Aunt who has diabetes which is one reason I am concerned about my health. Diabetes runs in my family and I know that I can prolong this if I take care of myself with exercise and better eating habits.

I currently work for Ross Insurance Agency in Midtown, which I love! One of my perks is that it is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Memorial Park and Discovery Green. I may not be working out but I like being outside when it’s not to hot in Houston. Our next goal is the MS-150 Houston to Austin in April! Wayne and I are partnering with the Sun & Ski Sports and participating with their cycling team to train and conquer the MS-150.

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  1. I have known Ana since Jesus,Christ.. (lol) she has always been a go getter and I believe in her cause. I have supported her in everything she does. She is a great inspiration to many. She is vibrant and loving. I look forward in following her goals and dreams. I hope to see her reach the top in this project. I love you Ana!

    -Monica A. Castro

  2. Anna, I’m so proud of you! You’re gonna do great!!! Let me know when you want me to ride with you!

  3. i just met u a few months ago and i agree with what the people above said…you are a very sweet person and an inspiration! you have particiapted in things that i have only seen on tv and for that i think you are special because you set no limits on yourself, if you see it you go for it full heartedly and thats what the world needs more. i wish you and wayne all the luck and that God be with you on this journey. as i told wayne i too have been “fluffy” and am aware of the health issues and need to get back on the wagon to a healthier life… beit it for health or a charity i think what you two are doing is wondeful because it shows love for self and love for thy neighbor..what a great way to start off the year! i am a tad clumsy so i wont be bike riding but somehow someway i too shall do my share for others as well as self…thanks for setting a great example!!!!

  4. Reading this blog has provided the inspiration I need to go forth with the MS 150 ride in April. I rode in MS150 bike ride about 60 lbs/14 yrs ago I just took my bike for a tune up and new tires. My goal is to pick up the bike today and start training tonight, I bought a trainer. I too want to get healthier and start riding again as my bike has been in the garage for 13 yrs. Keep up the workouts and bike rides and thanks again for the inspiration. GO MS150 2009 !!! Maybe i will see you. Bertha

  5. Anna,

    I meet you back in July. I was in H-town on work with Jordan. I am now again fully inspired to drop the pounds…after reading your story!! Go Girl Go!!!

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