After the First Week, We’re Still Alive!

Well, week 1 has now come to a close, and I am proud to say that Anna & I are staying the course on our diet and exercise regimen. It’s actually not proving to be too incredibly difficult thus far, aside from planning time to work out during the day. But really, if you think about it, that 45 minutes would be used watching television or surfing the internet.

It seems that I dread exercising about 10 minutes prior to, and in the first 5 minutes. I like our bike a lot, and it’s very comfortable. So after I get going, I go into some Zen-like state, reflecting upon the day’s events, and looking toward the activities of the next day. As soon as I know it, the work out is over, and I feel oddly energetic and ready to eat!

The diet has been perhaps the easiest part of the whole thing. Trainer Mark ( has been very encouraging of us not to alter our diets too radically. The problem is when people want to lose weight, they go on a “diet”, which will eventually have an ending point. He has given us the resources and education we need to make subtle changes to our diet over time.

For example, after the ride on Saturday, Mark took us to, of all places, Denny’s. I thought it was a test like they do in “Biggest Loser” to see how committed we were to losing weight. But it wasn’t. He was trying to show that you can eat at any restaurant, and still find the healthy choices. Anna & I ordered the Grand Slam. I know, right? Two pancakes (I ate one), egg whites, and honey ham instead of bacon. Apparently ham has a great deal less calories and fat than the bacon counterpart. I had never had Denny’s ham before, and let me tell you, it was really good!

I know that drinking 4 Cokes a day is not good, so as of right now, I drink one or two(Mark does not want me to drink Cokes at all… we’ll cross that bridge in the next few weeks). I can eat a Hershey bar, but only about ¼ of it. A good tip Mark gave us was to modify our “grazing” habits. And here’s an example: I love Mexican Food. The waiters come out with chips and salsa, and like many people I chow down on the chips. Here’s some mind-boggling info: tortilla chips can have as many as 25 calories each! Who has not eaten 10 chips before meal comes out? I take 2 chips, break them into about 5 small pieces, and dip them into the salsa. Out at dinner with friends, I am still eating the same number of chips as the rest of the table, but in a much smaller quantity. Try that tip… it works!

So tonight, we have our very first Spin Class at Sun & Ski.  When that was first mentioned, I thought we were making pottery or something.  Then images of “Ghost” came into my mind, and I thought that would be boring.  Actually, I hear a Spin Class is akin to serving a 20 year prison sentence compacted into 1 easy hour.  You have a stationary bike (my bicycle on a trainer) as well as an instructor who will tell you when to stand up and sit down about a thousand times.  Raised 100% Catholic, I am sure this experience will be much like church!  Only church doesn’t make your body feel as beat up….

2 thoughts on “After the First Week, We’re Still Alive!

  1. i am so proud of you wayne! and love reading you too… keep it up. spinning is a great workout, isn’t it? 😉

  2. love it! wayne u have got a great sense of humor =) and thanks for the tip which i can use at home as well as eating out! as a college student i am stuck in the life of munching living in a body that is not so forgiving due to its age hahaha… keep up the good work u two!

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