Accessorize Wisely From Head To Toe

Snowboard goggles look cool, but they also serve a function – to protect your eyes from sun, snow, wind, random tree branches, bugs and anything else that might get in your way.

Because your snowboard goggles should fit securely over your snowboarding helmet, it helps to have your helmet with you when you shop for goggles. Goggles can be adjusted, but two similar styles of goggles might have a noticeably different fit on the same helmet. And if you like to wear a face mask, bring that along, too. Try on a complete ensemble of snowboard goggles, snowboard helmet, and face mask to get a real idea of the fit. And step outside to see how the goggles work in natural light. You may want a different tint if you’ll be negotiating around more trees.

At the other end of your seasonal snowboarding accessory list, don’t forget socks. Sock technology has come a long way, and there’s no need to end your day early due to cold, wet feet. Synthetic, moisture-wicking fabrics from brands including Thor-lo and Smartwool can help keep your feet warm and provide padding in the right places. Look for specialized socks for use with mens snowboards and womens snowboards to guarantee the right fit without bunching.

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