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The people at Sun & Ski specialize in making adventurous outdoor dreams come true by outfitting customers with quality merchandise, exceptional service, and outstanding values. But this isn’t your ordinary specialty sporting goods store – Sun & Ski has a secret to its success, which explains their sparkling reputation on ski slopes, bike trails, skate paths, and wilderness areas.

At Sun & Ski, merchandise is stocked in only five categories – ski (snow and water), bicycling, skating, running and camping. This highly focused approach allows Sun & Ski to give you more of what you want in a specialty store.

This specialization contrasts significantly with the mega-general sporting goods stores, who offer hundreds of sports, but with little commitment or service to any one sport.

“We stick to an old concept: Do a few things, but do them better than anybody else,” says CEO Barry Goldware.

This concept allows Sun & Ski to give you that small store feel with big store competitive pricing. According to Goldware, this combination is precisely the beauty of the store – “We capture the best of both worlds.”

All of Sun & Ski employees are enthusiastic participants of the department they represent. A better focus means more in-depth knowledge so you can believe it when they say that all Sun & Ski employees are more than just salespeople. They’re enthusiasts. They know what they are talking about and enjoy sharing it with you.

With 30 stores across the country, Sun & Ski has tremendous buying power to give customers the lowest prices around. Add to that an incredible philosophy of service, quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction, and you have one heck of a store.

The only thing Sun & Ski can’t do is cover for you at work when you want to extend your dream-come-true outdoor adventure.

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