A Great Gift? A Replacement for Old Sweats

We all have those old sweats we’ve had for ten years that bring back memories.  Sweats are an okay way to stay warm, but they do not compare to the technology available to us today.  Fabrics like the Polartec available in The North Face products and water resistant fabrics such as Marmot’s M technology allow us to stay much warmer and are much more durable than those old sweats.

How do they do this?

1.) Tighter knit fabrics.  The wool used by companies like Obermeyer is more compact than the fiber you will see in cotton sweats.  This keeps your body warmth where it should be–in your body.

2.) Water resistance to the max.  Cotton ABSORBS water.  Cold is not always dry, so if you wear sweats and it rains or snows, cotton is not the fabric to be in.  Companies like Burton create clothes that are either water resistant or waterproof, keeping you warm in any kind of weather.

Your loved ones might not think to ask for a warm jacket or pants.  But whether they cycle, board, or just like being outside, when cold weather hits, they’ll appreciate the warmth.

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