High-Tech Skis for Women

In general, the tips of women’s skis are slightly shorter than men’s skis, with the waists of the skis slightly farther forward. Knee injuries are a concern for both men and women skiers, but several ski companies, including Volkl, have designed skis specifically for women with features designed to help protect the knees and enhance skiing performance.

  • Stance: When seeking women’s skis for Alpine skiing in particular, look for bindings that create a more neutral stance. A neutral stance helps balance the muscle effort between the quads and the hamstrings and keeps the quads from becoming overloaded. More balance between these muscles also can help protect the knees.
  • Geometry: Womens skis that are narrower in the tail allow for easier turning and transition from one turn to the next, which can help protect the knees without sacrificing control or performance.
  • Flexibility: Some types of women’s skis are slightly more flexible than men’s skis to adjust for the differences in muscle mass between men and women and to provide comfort and control while reducing the impact on the knees.

Visit a Sun & Ski Sports shop in your area for expert advice, and check out the latest models of womens skis to find the features you want.