Snow Gear for Kids

When you want to take the family out for a day of skiing and snow sports, remember this: If the kids are comfortable, the parents will be happier, too. When choosing snow jackets, ski pants, and accessories for kids, the same criteria apply as when choosing ski clothes for adults: water resistance, wind resistance, and breathability. But keep these additional tips in mind when shopping for kids’ skiing gear:

  • Base layer: Children’s base layers should be moisture wicking and fairly fitted, not baggy, to avoid bunching.
  • Insulating layer: Fleece is a great option for an insulating layer for children because it’s lightweight and won’t irritate if your child is sensitive to wool.
  • Outer layer: Features to look for in kids’ snow jackets include zippered vents and Velcro cuffs, which can be easily adjusted in case of overheating. In addition, consider jackets for children that have removable hoods for extra warmth as needed.

Several types of Spyder ski clothes are available in children’s sizes. The Spyder boys’ leader jacket, for example, features multiple pockets, including a back pocket for a removable hood, a pocket for goggles, and a pocket for a data card.