Carrying Your Cycling Gear in Style

You’ve invested a lot in your cycling gear, so you want to know that it will travel safely with you from home to where you plan to ride. The right car rack will keep your gear safe and won’t impede your visibility while driving.

Your choices for carrying your cycling gear on your car include a bike hitch rack or a mounted rack, either on the back or the roof of your car. Both types are available in models that hold one bike or several bikes.

  • Roof rack: Some people prefer a roof rack to transport their bikes. You can choose a Thule car rack with a clamp style that holds the fork blades of your bike, or a roof rack that holds the wheels.
  • Bike hitch rack: A bike hitch rack on the rear of your car makes loading and unloading your bike quick and easy.

For expert advice and information on bike hitch racks and roof racks, visit a Sun & Ski Sports store near you.