Women’s Running Tights: Fashion Meets Function

Finding the right women’s running tights isn’t always easy. But there are many options, and the best running apparel is what works for you.

When shopping for women’s running tights, keep these tips in mind:

  • Think temperature. What’s the winter weather like where you live? Some types of women’s running tights are made of a moisture-wicking Lycra blend meant mostly for chilly fall days, while others have fleecy linings to protect against bitter cold when the temps are well below freezing.
  • Think style. Look for the style features that appeal to you in different brands of running tights. If you prefer a less fitted silhouette, look for boot-cut legs and wider or asymmetrical waistbands. Need pockets? Some styles of tights have a pocket in the middle of the back or on one side to hold a key or packet of energy gel.
  • Try them on. Every brand of running tights is sized a little differently, so the size of running tights that is right for you in one brand may be too big or too small in other brands. Visit your local Sun & Ski Sports store for a wide selection of women’s running tights that you can try on and compare.

Bring the Kids: How to Choose a Child Carrier

Active parents who want to take their kids along for the run or bike ride have an increasing array of options.
Some features to consider when choosing a child carrier include:

  • Number of kids. Do you want a single jogging stroller or bike trailer, or one with room for two?
  • Wheel type. Most running strollers and bike trailers have approximately 20-inch wheels. Thicker tires may provide additional stability and traction if you like dirt paths or trails.
  • Storage capacity. Some child carriers have more space than others for things like water bottles or diaper bags. If you want a child carrier that does double duty for workouts and longer outings, look for additional storage. If you want something for workouts only, a more streamlined model may be the better choice.
  • Dual function. Want to save space in your garage? A child carrier such as the Copilot Model A Trailer can convert from a bike trailer to a jogging stroller.