Don’t get caught on the slopes unprepared, check out our interactive packing list

Planning your winter sports trip can be tricky, did you bring the goggles? How about the ski lock? Your friends and Sun & Ski have developed the perfect solution that will prevent you from being on the slopes unprepared: the ultimate interactive packing list.

Available on the home page or on it’s dedicated page, the ski and snowboard packing list is divided into four categories: apparel (e.g. jackets, sweaters); essentials (e.g. thermals, socks, googles); luggage; comfort (e.g. ski locks, after gloves, footbeds); and equipment (e.g. skis, boots, poles, bindings). Additionally, users can read helpful tips and print out their list.

The packing list also allows customers to locate which items they may be missing to the products on the Sun & Ski site.  Sun & Ski carries such ski gear lines as K2, Volkl and Nordica and Rossignol, and snowboard gear from Burton, Ride and K2.  If you are visiting one of our stores, print the list out and allow our team of experts to guide to answer your questions.

And while you’re on the site, don’t forget take advantage of our holiday sales.

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2009 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals – Sneak Peek…

2009 Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals

You have just stumbled across the sneak peek of 2009’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This is a small listing of just some of the great deals you will find at Sun & Ski Sports. The sale starts this Wednesday (1/25) for the early bird shoppers and available online through Monday (11/30).

Apparel – Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s

Save 50% Off All Clearance Women’s Apparel Jackets, Polos, Fleece, Swimwear… etc
Save up to 25% Off Women’s Surf-Skate Apparel T-Shirts, Shorts… etc
Save 50% Off All Clearance Men’s Apparel Jackets, Polos, Fleece, Swimwear… etc
Save up to 25% Off Men’s Surf-Skate Apparel T-Shirts, Shorts… etc
Save 50% Off All Clearance Kid’s Apparel Jackets, Polos, Fleece, Swimwear… etc

Watches & Electronics

Timex Ironman HI-Ti Watch Was $119.95 Now Only $29.93
Polar Cs600 Pro Team Edition Cycling Computer Was $429.99 Now Only $239.93

Ski & Snowboards Deals

Save up to 60% off Clearance Ski & Snowboard Gear
Giro 540 Ski Helmet Was $80.00 Now Only $49.93
Smith Cascade Air Goggle Was $50.00 Now Only $19.93
Volkl AC 50 Skis w/ Bindings ’09 Was $1175.00 Now Only $699.93
Elan Black Magic Skis w/ Bindings ’09 Was $700.00 Now Only $299.93
Dalbello Electra 8 Ski Boots Was $475.00 Now Only $199.93
Burton T6 Snowboard ’09 Was $799.95 Now Only $459.93
Burton Blunt Snowboard ’09 Was $349.95 Now Only $169.93

Shoes & Footwear

Save 25% Off Shoes, Boots & Sandals – Online Only Excludes Apre & Cycling Shoes
BOGO 50% Off Shoes, Boots & Sandals – In-Stores Only Excludes Apre & Cycling Shoes

Cycling – Bikes, Apparel, and Accessories

Haro F1 BMX Freestyle Bike ’09 Was $279.99 Now Only $179.93
Haro Flightline S Mountain Bike ’09 Was $319.99 Now Only $249.93
Tri-Ton Mobo Cruiser Was $369.99 Now Only $249.93
Shimano Women’s SH-WF21 Indoor Cycling Shoes Was $89.99 Now Only $39.93
Shimano Men’s SH-R220 Road Cycling Shoes Was $279.99 Now Only $159.93
World Cycling Jerseys – All Styles $29.93 Was $70.00 Now Only $29.93
Primal Jerseys – All Styles 30% Off – – – – – –
Canari Paceline Tank Cycling Jerseys Was $34.99 Now Only $19.93
Sugoi Evolution Cycling Shorts Was $89.99 Now Only $59.93
Blackburn Trak Stand Ultra Bike Trainer Was $299.99 Now Only $199.93
Blackburn Trak Stand Mag Bike Trainer Was $159.99 Now Only $99.93
Croozer 535 Bike Trailer (Double) Was $449.99 Now Only $379.93
Croozer 737 Bike Trailer (Single) Was $429.99 Now Only $359.93
iBert Safe-T-Seat Front Mounted Child Carrier Was $94.99 Now Only $79.93
Polar Cs600 Pro Team Edition Cycling Computer Was $429.99 Now Only $239.93
Yakima Hold Up 2″ Hitch Bike Rack Was $415.99 Now Only $269.93
Yakima Slickroc 4 Hitch 2 Bike Rack Was $344.99 Now Only $189.93
SportRack Voyager II Trunk Mounted 2 Bike Rack Was $79.99 Now Only $49.93
Blackburn Delphi 4.0 Cycling Computer Was $59.99 Now Only $39.93
Rav-X Bike Basics Kit Was $49.99 Now Only $29.93
Giro Ionos Bike Helmet Was $229.99 Now Only $149.93
Giro Phase Mountain Bike Helmet Was $74.99 Now Only $49.93
Bell Sweep Bike Helmet Was $139.99 Now Only $89.93
Easton EA70 Clincher Road Wheelset Was $499.99 Now Only $349.93
Easton EA90SLX Wheelset Was $999.99 Now Only $699.93
Easton EC70 SL Carbon Clincher Wheelset Was $1399.99 Now Only $799.93
Serfas ARC Bike Saddle Was $79.99 Now Only $39.93
Serfas Men’s Eyeflex Saddle Was $49.99 Now Only $19.93
Serfas Women’s Eyeflex Saddle Was $49.99 Now Only $19.93

Inline Skates

K2 Men’s EXO 80 Inline Skates Was $179.99 Now Only $99.93
K2 Men’s MOTO 84 Inline Skates Was $219.99 Now Only $129.93
K2 Women’s Andra Inline Skates Was $179.99 Now Only $99.93
K2 Women’s Alexis Inline Skates Was $219.99 Now Only $129.93
K2 Boy’s Raider Inline Skates Was $109.99 Now Only $59.93
K2 Girl’s Marlee Inline Skates Was $109.99 Now Only $59.93
K2 Fatty Pro Aggressive Inline Skates Was $199.99 Now Only $139.93

RE: Fur – Code Of Conduct With Our Vendors


Thank you for informing us of the inhumane treatment of animals in the fur trade.

Based on your e-mail, I have requested that all of our vendors who offer fur (a small part of our overall assortment) indicate to me their animal treatment policies.  So far, it appears that all of our suppliers adhere to a strict policy of humane treatment.  I have included a code of conduct statement from one of our vendors below which seems to typify most.  I am still awaiting info from a few others.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.  I am disappointed that when you sent your first e-mail you did not give me a chance to research the situation and get back to you, instead, you immediately began targeting our Facebook and Twitter pages  encouraging people to print and post disparaging posters against Sun and Ski Sports. Having said that, I do appreciate the information and will monitor our vendor policies going forward.

Barry Goldware

Sun & Ski Sports


Save Ankle Weights for Strength Workouts

Ankle weights are best used as part of a strength training workout. The question of whether to wear ankle weights while running remains controversial, but most trainers don’t recommend it. Some exercisers think that running with hand weights or ankle weights is a good way to make a workout tougher and burn more calories, but some fitness experts argue that this puts unnecessary strain on muscles and joints that could lead to injury.

Instead, make ankle weights one of your components of fitness power during a strength training workout. Use ankle weights when you do standing leg lifts or lunges to add intensity on your cross training days.

If you want more intensity during your fitness running workouts, add some speed work. After a few easy miles, try increasing your speed to 80% of your maximum for one minute then slow down to an easy pace for one minute. Repeat 4-6 times, and finish with a few more miles at an easy pace.

Enjoy Summer Hiking in Trail Sandals

When it comes to hiking shoes, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Most serious hikers have several types of hiking shoes for different hiking conditions, including trail sandals for summer hiking. Trail sandals can be the ideal choice for summer hiking when the terrain isn’t too challenging. Although trail sandals lack the support of serious hiking books, technical trail sandals can stand up to a moderately challenging day of trail hiking. Alternatively, you can pack your trail sandals in your backpacking equipment and pull them out to cross streams, or to wear around the campsite after a long day in hiking boots.

Select trail sandals with wide, adjustable straps, molded foot beds and good support. Trail sandals such as the Keen Men’s Newport H2 Sandal feature razor sipping for excellent traction, Aegis Microbe Shield for comfort and stability, and Keep Protect for toe protection. for comfort on trails or city sidewalks. For women, the Keen Women’s Newport H2 Sandals offer trail-friendly features including an ergonomic design and toe protection.

Visit your local Sun & Ski Sports store to try on trail sandals and get expert advice on the right style to meet your summer hiking needs.

What You Need for Kneeboarding

If you love waterskiing but you want to try something different, or if you are introducing kids to towed water sports, kneeboarding is a good place to start.

Look for kneeboards with a cushioned knee pad and flexible belt strap to keep you comfortable for a full day of water sports activity. When you are in the water with your kneeboard, you can start two ways:

  • Belly start: For a belly start, place your belly on the kneeboard and slide your knees into the knee pad after the boat pulls you up.
  • Low buoyancy start: If you have a thin kneeboard, such as the Ho Sports Proton model, you can adjust your strap, and then get into the water and slide your knees into place after the boat pulls you up.

Visit your local Sun & Ski Sports store to check out a variety of kneeboards and find the one that works for you. Don’t forget life vests, especially if you are buying kneeboards to use with children.

Support Your High Arches with Maximum Cushioning

If you have high arches, you probably know it. Your wet footprint shows only a thin mark along the outer edge of your foot between your heel and your toes. The feet of runners with high arches are likely to roll to the outside, or underpronate, when they run.

The best men’s running shoes and best women’s running shoes for runners with high arches are those with plenty of cushioning. If you have high-arched feet and you run a lot of miles in a motion control shoe, you could be at increased risk for foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

For both men and women, the Mizuno Wave Rider has been a popular choice for years among runners with high arches. But other brands, including Brooks running shoes and Asics running shoes, offer models with maximum cushioning for high arches.

To be sure that you know your correct foot type, visit a Sun & Ski Sports store near you for advice from an expert salesperson and a variety of running shoes from which to choose.

Women’s Running Tights: Fashion Meets Function

Finding the right women’s running tights isn’t always easy. But there are many options, and the best running apparel is what works for you.

When shopping for women’s running tights, keep these tips in mind:

  • Think temperature. What’s the winter weather like where you live? Some types of women’s running tights are made of a moisture-wicking Lycra blend meant mostly for chilly fall days, while others have fleecy linings to protect against bitter cold when the temps are well below freezing.
  • Think style. Look for the style features that appeal to you in different brands of running tights. If you prefer a less fitted silhouette, look for boot-cut legs and wider or asymmetrical waistbands. Need pockets? Some styles of tights have a pocket in the middle of the back or on one side to hold a key or packet of energy gel.
  • Try them on. Every brand of running tights is sized a little differently, so the size of running tights that is right for you in one brand may be too big or too small in other brands. Visit your local Sun & Ski Sports store for a wide selection of women’s running tights that you can try on and compare.

Bring the Kids: How to Choose a Child Carrier

Active parents who want to take their kids along for the run or bike ride have an increasing array of options.
Some features to consider when choosing a child carrier include:

  • Number of kids. Do you want a single jogging stroller or bike trailer, or one with room for two?
  • Wheel type. Most running strollers and bike trailers have approximately 20-inch wheels. Thicker tires may provide additional stability and traction if you like dirt paths or trails.
  • Storage capacity. Some child carriers have more space than others for things like water bottles or diaper bags. If you want a child carrier that does double duty for workouts and longer outings, look for additional storage. If you want something for workouts only, a more streamlined model may be the better choice.
  • Dual function. Want to save space in your garage? A child carrier such as the Copilot Model A Trailer can convert from a bike trailer to a jogging stroller.

Backpack Basics: The Elements of Suspension

Some backpacks have more sophisticated suspension systems than others, but the most important thing to know about a suspension system in a backpack is whether it feels comfortable to you.

The basic components of suspension systems in a technical backpack are:

  • Shoulder harness: The shoulder harness is meant to keep the backpack in place, not to support all the weight of your gear. Curved shoulder harnesses tend to provide the best fit.
  • Hip belt: The hip belt may be the most essential element of a technical backpack because it helps transfer weight from your shoulders to your hips and legs. Look for a hip belt that is wide and well-padded. But fit is most important, so be sure to try on several styles before buying one.
  • Lumbar pad: The lumbar pad is the padding on the backpack that sits at the small of your back. A lumbar pad made of high-friction fabric can help keep your hip belt from sliding around as you hike.
  • Stabilizer straps: These straps provide extra support at the shoulders and hips.

Backpacking equipment such as the Osprey Expos 46 Technical Pack, for example, features a hip belt and harness of mesh-covered foam for comfort and breathability.