How to Size a Wakeboard

What’s Your Skill Level?

Recreational/Beginner: Be prepared to become addicted to one of the fastest growing sports. This level board will have mellower rocker lines and smaller molded/exterior fins. These features make the board less aggressive and more forgiving.

Performance/Intermediate: You are out there pushing yourself and learning new tricks every time out. At this point you should know your riding style. This will help you find a board that will take you to the next level.

Expert/Advanced: Are you out to make the most of every pull, linking all types of tricks together? Looking to add another 180 to your stylish 540 or whirly? Stronger edge-hold and aggressive rocker lines will give you that added edge.

What Kind of Rider are You?

What tricks do you throw or want to throw?

Basic: Grabs and basic spins, toe-side and heel-side. (180’s, Indy’s, Crail’s, 3’s, Method’s, 5’s, etc.).

Trip-Flip Inverts: Inverts that are initiated by “Flipping” your edge at the wake. These are tricks that are thrown with low or no tension on the line (tantrums, front rolls, whirlybirds, off-axiis spins, elephants, etc.).

Load and Release Inverts: Inverts that “load” the line and “release” the board, keeping tension on the line. A fast and strong edge is needed to cut to and through the wake (Raley’s, batwing, and all glide’s).

Terms to Know:

Rocker Line is the bend (tip to tail) that a board has pressed into it. There are three types: continuous, 3-stage, and hybrid (a combination of the two).

Edge Hold is how well a board stays on edge in the water. A weak edge hold will skip out from underneath you if cut too hard. A strong edge hold “locks” into the water and the way up the wake.

Pop is the snap or lift a board has off the wake. A 3-stage rocker tends to pop wake-towake, having more height than distance. Continuous rocker launches out into the flats easily.

Flats are the areas past the wake. To carry a trick into the flats means it went big and far.

Molded Fins are part of the board, no screws hold it on.

Removable Fins are held on by screws


The majjority of boards have a foam core. Higher end boards will have stronger, lighter, and more responsive foam content than lower-end boards.

Wakeboard Sizing Chart

The board size is based off of the weight of the rider. Here’s a general guideline:

If you are at the lower end of the range, the board will rider higher in the water, having more pop and softer landings. The disadvantage is that it maybe harder to keep the board on edge. If you are at the higher end of the range, you may have to ride faster to keep the board afloat, but the board will edge harder and be more responsize because it will sit deeper in the water.

Wakeboard Bindings Sizing Chart

7 Tips to Choosing the Proper Winter Jacket

So you’re planning a ski vacation with some friends. Plane tickets? Check. Hotel or cabin? Got it. Skis? Check. Winter jacket? Not so much.

If you’re in need of a new ski jacket for those brisk winds, deep snow and temps below zero, you should probably know what to look for.

  1. Find a winter jacket that protects you from all outdoor elements you may encounter: snow, wind and rain. There’s nothing worse than being at the top of a mountain with less-than-expected coverage for your body. Keep the winds and elements at bay with the proper winter apparel.
  2. Consider the thickness you will need in your winter jacket by what you wear underneath. If you’re wearing layers of long johns or sweaters/sweatshirts, you may not need the thickest winter jacket.
  3. Select a ski jacket that sits below your waist. You want to keep the snow that swooshes up from getting under your coat. So whether you choose a winter jacket with drawstring, elastic or buttons/snaps, you can be protected against the rising snow. (Be sure the cuffs are adjustable and have protection as well).
  4. Be mindful of the zipper. Yep, zippers are important, as they can provide a protective seal to keep out frigid winds, rain and snow.
  5. Make sure your ski jacket breathes. You’re going to be active all day, right? Get a winter jacket with a membrane that allows your perspiration to escape while insulating you from the frigid winter elements. The last thing you want is your sweat accumulating in the jacket, leaving you cold and wet.
  6. Check for chest pockets. Nowadays we typically carry around our cell phones everywhere we go. Even the ski slopes! Keep your phone, keys, wallet and emergency information inside your ski jacket.
  7. Select a winter jacket with removable hood and lower face protection. The face protection gives you an added guard against the strong winds.

Let us help you choose the perfect winter ski jacket for wintertime fun. Contact us today for more information about our winter jackets.

FIT Champions, FIT Cypress, & FIT Pearland – Training for Marathon Runners

FIT Champions, FIT Cypress, and FIT Pearland are marathon and half-marathon training programs devoted to getting you in the best shape of your life, in preparation for the Houston Marathon. Upon joining, you will receive day-by-day training schedules, Saturday morning group runs, access to trained coaches, informational seminars and a Fit Marathon Training T-shirt.

As a bonus for signing up, Sun & Ski Sports will be giving away discount cards for 15% off all full-price merchandise and 10% off bikes!

Here’s what you get when you join:

  • A training program for runners designed with the goal of completing the 2010 Houston Marathon
  • FIT coaches are devoted to getting you in the best shape of your life in a non-intimidating, fun, and safe environment.

What FIT Programs Have To Offer:

  • Easy-to-follow training schedule
  • Seminars at most of our weekly training runs
  • Knowledgeable and supportive head coaches and assistant coaches
  • FIT training technical shirt
  • Saturday morning group runs
  • An online discussion forum to stay in touch and get help during the week

Registration Information

The last day for in-person registration is at 7:00 AM on July 18th. Visit the following locations to register in-person or register online through the end of July.

Final Stop of the Regional Amateur Skateboard Tour

Regional Amateur Skateboarding Tour

HOUSTON, TX. (July 9, 2009) – Some of the top amateur skateboarders in the state will be descending on Katy, Texas to compete in the newly formed Regional Amateur Skateboard Tour (The RAT). Presented by the Don McGill SCION of Katy, the RAT Tour will take place outside Sun & Ski Sports at the Katy Mills Mall on Saturday, July 18th. The RAT is a partnership between Houston based Sun & Ski Sports and Geiger Media. It has featured events in the four biggest markets in Texas – Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and now Houston.

The goal for this series is to give Texas skaters an opportunity to come hang out with their friends, have some fun and compete for some great cash and prizes. The four competitions will take place on a custom mini-ramp created by pro vert skater Mike Crum and the crew at Push Productions. In addition to the mini-ramp competition, the final RAT event will feature a street “Best Trick” competition utilizing a select street obstacle. Over $2500 in cash and prizes will be awarded to top three finishers in each category.

“It’s been several years since the state of Texas has had an organized series like this and it’s time.” said event creator/organizer Bill Geiger. “The sport is blowing up across the country and Texas is definitely a hot spot. We had great participation at our first three events and I expect the final stop to be the biggest yet!”

In addition to Don McGill SCION and Sun & Ski Sports, Stop #4 of The RAT series is sponsored by McDonalds Restaurants, Monster Energy Drink, FUEL TV, Comcast Cable, Kicker Audio, Skullcandy, Guapo Skateboards, Hype Skateboards, Element Skateboards and Triple 8 Helmets. Media partners include FUEL-TV, the Houston Press and 94.5 KTBZ-FM. Additional entertainment for the Houston event provided by DJ XBoyRD and drummer J-Notice. McDonalds is also partnering with Katy based ARTreach serving children at risk and children and adults with special needs in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and the Woodlands.

For more information including schedules, locations, registration, etc., go to

Sun & Ski Sports Sponsors 6th Annual Wakeboarding Event

H-Town Showdown Wakeboard Tournament

The Gulf Coast Wakeboarding Association along with Houston Watersports Complex and Sun & Ski Sports present the 6th Annual H-Town Showdown Wakeboarding Tournament held at the Houston Watersports Complex, Saturday, July 18 from 9 AM to 6 PM, showcasing the best riders in the state as well as some of the biggest payouts of the year. Proceeds from the tournament will benefit Texas Adaptive Aquatics, a non-profit organization, teaching disabled children and adults how to water ski.

Registration will be held on site at 8 AM with a 9 AM start time. The tournament ranges from beginner riders to those trying to qualify for the pro-tour. Levels of riding will be based on demand; the levels currently include Beginner Boys, Beginner Women, Beginner Men, Intermediate Women, Intermediate Men, Advanced, Expert, Outlaw and Wakeskate. Nautique and Sanger will be the official boat sponsors for this year’s tournament, providing riders with some of today’s best tow boats. Events are lined up for participants and spectators, music provided by Wetsounds and DJ Worm, a GCWA raffle, and the Sun & Ski Sports pro shop.

  • Date:
  • Saturday, July 18, 2009
  • 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Address:
  • Houston Watersports Complex
  • 15200 Nautique Way
  • Houston, Tx 77047
  • Phone: (713) 920-2157
  • View Map

H-Town Showdown from abstract conformity on Vimeo.